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Documenting Use of Force Report Writing - San Mateo PD - October 8, 2024

Documenting Use of Force Report Writing - San Mateo PD - October 8, 2024


The purpose of this course is to establish a strong framework that will enable students to document any use of force properly and thoroughly while in the execution of their duties.  The lessons learned in this course will provide students with the ability to continuously hone their skills in the art of report writing, specifically the use of force. This class is designed for line staff and Command Staff at all levels.



  1. Developing a consistent framework to document use of force incidents
  2. Organizing all verbal and non-verbal actions into a document  
  3. Learning to recall use of force incidents cognitively
  4. Translating the details that influenced your decision making

    Course Objectives:

    Students will:
    1.  Assess and recognize where their use of force reporting is deficient.
    2.  Learn to recall use of force incidents cognitively.
    3.  Learn to organize their thoughts and translate them into a document.
    4.  Better understand the importance of detail.
    5.  Identify their professional and personal experiences and training and how they affect use of
         force decision making.
    6.  Understand how to use their agency’s use of force policy more constructively.
    7.  Better identify and understand the use of evidence for report writing.

    Today’s environment requires law enforcement to increase their skills in every aspect to better protect themselves, their organization, and the public’s trust.  Complete and proper documentation is the cornerstone of all law enforcement organizations, so it is imperative that all Use of Force documentation provides the details needed to recreate the event and protect all stakeholders involved.

    *It is recommended students bring their organization’s use of force policy, a laptop, or a tablet to write reports during the exercises.*

    Tuition cost: $138.00

    CA STC Approved - 10052-0274090

    CA POST Approved 9590-21652-24007

          Course Syllabus - 8 Hours

Course Details

Course Date 10-08-2024
Course End Date 10-08-2024
Cut off date 10-07-2024
Available Seats 30
Course Fee $138.00
Location San Mateo Police Department
Course Flyer San Mateo - 007.pdf

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