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Cognitive Interview & Forensic Statement Analysis - Santa Clara County SO at Morgan Hill - Sept. 15 - 19, 2025

This is open to Sworn and Non Sworn Investigators.

Topics Include:

  • The Difficulties of Eyewitness Recall
  • How Memory Works
  • Principles of Cognition
  • Guided Information Retrieval (Core Principal)
  • V/W Memory Enhancement
  • Communication Enhancement
  • Techniques for inducing V/W's to provide more information
  • The Worst Interviewing Mistakes
  • Should the interviewer believe the person?
  • Is the writer/speaker more involved in the offense than what s/he has said?
  • Is there any relational difficulty evident between the writer/speaker and the other people mentioned in the statement?
  • What might be these difficulties be?
  • When might those difficulties have begun?
  • Did those difficulties contribute to the offense in any way? How? Why?
  • Was the writer/speaker actually doing what s/he said at the time of offense?
  • Should we consider the writer/speaker a suspect?

Tuition: $575.00 / 5 - day class

POST Control No: 9590 - 31455 - 25001

Course Details

Course Date 09-15-2025
Course End Date 09-19-2025
Cut off date 09-15-2025
Available Seats 30
Course Fee $575.00
Location Santa Clara County Justice Training Center
Course Flyer Morgan Hill - 001.pdf

Location Map